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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and i'm michelle griego. time is 4-- here's julie watts with a check of weath. >> i'm going to defer and say it's really early and i wasn't expecting to come in. our seven day forecast says fall starts wednesday. >> okay. >> i will double check that in one moment. >> stand corrected. >> when i can tell you though is it's going to be hot again today, but relief is on the way. it will feel like fall by wednesday. here's a look outside. 07 oakland. 69 liver more and 07 for san
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francisco. >> it's the first commute of the workweek, frank. monday morningic see a brief delay in a coupful of the cash lanes. details in a few. >> fire fighters getting more containment over the devastating valley fire in lake county. as the same time evacuate where i say returning home to find their houses gone. >> the big question for fire victims when they find no home to go to is, where do we stay. the twin pine casino and hotel became an option. one couple we spoke to says we live day by day. >> i got it for my from from my 11-year-old son.
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the only thing i have left. for eva and her husband the only belongs standing in their home they say is a miracle. >> the faith is there. >> reporter: her husband works in yard business and he hasn't worked. >> everything we built is gone. >> reporter: they're one of the lucky ones they have a family to stay with for now. if many they don't have anywhere to go to. as of sunday night 41 evacuees are staying at the twin pine and casino hotels. 59 rooms booked to travel members and employees who also lost their homes. >> the good thing is we live in an awesome community. >> reporter: they rely on donations to slowly rebuild everything that was lost. when they will be able to call a place home again, they're not
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sure. >> i don't see the point of planning ahead when we have to enjoy the day we do have. >> reporter: the hotel expects to see more evacuees as more orders are lifted. he says the evacuees can stay here as long as they need free of charge. call fire say it is valley fire destroyed more t,000 homes. fire -- fire fighters continue to gain ground. since it started a week ago saturday the valley fires burned 75,000 acres. people in the hidden slal lake area now been able to see the damage firsthand. the evacuation for that lifted yesterday. many evacuate wis found nothing left.
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dinl say it is home he grew up in was totally destroyed. >> all my memories, everything were in the house. this is my neighborhood, all my friends grew up here. it's delve stath. >> dylan says the toughest part has been the loss of his two dogs that both died in the fire. the fire north of jason burg. began saturday. burned nearly 1,100 acres and 30% contained. 10 homes djd or destroyed. 70 structures considered threatened. the sheriffs deputy plans to escort families to the property to investigate their home and investigators looking into the death of a man near the fire's
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origin. the >> a full check of weather. it was hot. we were at the giants game and we had to leave early. >> breaking news it is not the first day of fall. >> you sold it. i was like am i wrong? >> i think it was wednesday. >> it's wednesday. this year it is the 23. >> you really sold it. i believed you for a minute. it's wednesday at about 1:20 in the morning. i'm -- i'll confirm that. let's talk about today. it's going to be hot today. we have a heat advisory. take a look at these temperatures out the door right now. coolest spot throughout near 60 degrees. you can bet it's going to be another warm day. the good news is reheef stont
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way. clear and -- relief is on the way. clear and warm. details coming up. first traffic. >> hi. good morning. we're going to talk about the monday community. the drive in looking good. heading into san francisco we have a brief delay in the cash lanes because of the shift lap. highway 92 look good. no delays and no major construction projects. all lanes open for you. as we check on alt mon pass. a brief delay. passing the 205 interchange not backed up yet. still looking good. this afternoon opponents of a planned export kole will
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speak. to export millions of tons of kole -- near the toll plaza let's less than 1,000 yards from a popular sports field. supporters will speak and neighbors and workers will tell city council why they don't agree. [ inaudible ]>> going to have a great impact on the current fiscal situation of oakland and the job kraegs. >> there's a lot of money at stake. the state of utah where the kole comes from -- the developer threatening to sue oakland if it can't go through the with the deal. the santa cruz boy accused of killing his eight-year-old neighbor will be arraigned today. her body found in a recycling
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bin in july at the complex where the two lives. gonzalez will be tried as an adult. scheduled to be back in court this morning. pope francis continues his trip to cuba. more now from cbs news adri yawn na. >> reporter: despite rain thousand of young people welcoming pope francis like a rock star. he spoke off the cuff at an event. >> reporter: 17-year-old rod rez was there. >> reporter: what did you tli of the pope's speech? >> i loved it. it blew me away. >> reporter: it was his last public stop. he kissed babies and shook hands. later 89 fidel castro hosted
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francis at his rez. -- resident. >> pope will begin his u.s. tour tomorrow. new york thursday and friday and to philadelphia where he'll sfend week before leaving the country sunday. the group will attend a special mass where pope francis will officially claim sainthood for father nera. many native americans oppose because ou he converted the people of california to krish an
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christianity. >> they could not speak their language or sing their songs or say their prayers. >> they've been out spoken critics of candidate dags. the latest cnn poll donald trump slipped to 24%. carly fiorina now at 15%. dr. ben karns 14%. foerm hughlett packet -- >> as people come to know me and understand who i am and what i've done and most importantly why will do, they tend to support me. >> carly fiorina potential problems include her controversial reign and lack of
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organization for a lengthy campaign. up next history made during television's biggest night. the huge hollywood barrier broken at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the diversity of the winner that made for some of the em my awards historic first this year. viola davis. >> reporter: davis made history as the first black woman to win best actress in a drama series. ty only thing that separates women of color from ninl else is
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opportunity -- anyone else is opportunity. >> reporter: >> i've been given the opportunity to act because people's life depend oint. >> reporter: he dead indicated his award to the transgender community. >> july la louie -- -- >>reporter: none ham won em my for a lead actor in drama series. tracy morgan made a surprise appearance his first since his accident in june. >> let's take a look at the box
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office. maize runner the scorch trials ran to the top of the box office. the science fix tlirl brought in $30 million. the visit perfect guy and everest rounding out your top five. tomorrow the last full day of summer. some scientists are calling it the hottest summer worldwide. land and see temperatures between june and august were the highest since recordkeeping began in 1888. -- 1880. the bay area's current heat wave had a big effect on the lafayette wine festival. six people had to go to the hospital for heat exhaustion. there were no reports of heat
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related illness yesterday pitches there saturday. we stay there had for an hour because it was way too hot. >> i was at the giants game. after buster hit a three-run homer it was time to leave. >> especially folks in the bay area who are not used to this. if you live inland you you have air-conditioning. a loft us don't. the -- a lot of us don't. we are going to get relief but not today. it's going to be warm again today. here's a look outside now. skies once again. we're off to a warm start. 07 degrees now. oakland. san francisco. upper 60s elsewhere. 58 the cool spot in santa rosa. heat advisory away from the coast and bay. 90s to principleal digits --
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triple digits. high pressure though giving away way this is good for those tired of the heat. a big cool down on the way. mild temperatures. seasonal fall temperatures by the first day of fall on wednesday. what to expected as you head out the door. sunny warm. hot again inland. more seasonal beginning tomorrow. more so as we make our way through the the workweek. high temperatures today 90s. 85 at sfo. 90s fair field. antioch 93. hot again today. look at that. significant cooling 10 to 15 degrees cooler by tomorrow. going to see the fog return in the morning for first day of fall. a check of the road ways. as you mentioned it was a spare the air day local transit will be a great way to get into
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work. right now the bart system reporting no derays. no delays for the ferries, call train or the commuter express train. leaving oakland heading into san francisco it's open at the toll plaza. all the over night road work along 92 is picked up. there's an accident in the san ramon area. one lane of traffic shut down. since it's so early traffic still doing okay approaching the scene. the usual back ups extended beyond the 205 interchange. it's slowing well through the city of pleasant and no delays at the dublin interchange. another update in a few minutes. imagine getting to the bay area to las in half an hour.
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>> hyperloop technologies will do just that. look at how hyperloop could knock the high-speed rails off the track. >> reporter: engineer rogen wants to change the world with a ground transit system faster than commercial jet. >> we're inventing a fifth mode of transportation. >> reporter: he cofounded hyper loop technologies working on a futuristic system moving cargo and packages on air in passengers travel the 400 miles in 30 minutes. >> we literally build a full scale tube any destinations. inside that we have a pod that sends people or cargo. >> reporter: two years ago it seemed like science fiction.
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today this team is desiebing and testing the actual mechanics. hyperloop has $10 million in seed money and expects another $08 million in running. >> reporter: in a few years idy>> five years from now we'll be moving goods and people. >> reporter: there are critics saying hyper loop section siting though unrealistic. >> it doesn't solve the bugger problem. how how could you possible imbed this kind of technology within the complication transit system that we're developing in our cities. >> reporter: hyper loop plans to have a test track up and running next year. >> hyperloop will change how we live. it's going to change how -- where we live. it will change economies. it's going to complete transform
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supply chain. >> making the trek from san francisco to la in half an hour would involved traveling at 598 miles an hour. >> i'll let you go first. ny okay. >> we'll see. ny i'll let them work the kinks out of that one. >> watching out teen athlete says his apple
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>> good morning. time now 4:53. your high temperatures around the bay. hot again.
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morgan hill. 99. warm along the coast. 87 union city. temperatures topping in the 90s to low triple digits in antioch. around the bay warm not quite as warm. 85 in richmond. north 94 lake fork. 97 in clear lake. full forecast coming up in a bit. we're getting first report os of a major accidents along 670 near krou canyon roads. two left lanes shut down. a motorcycle rider may be down. lanes other cars involved. at this hour two left lanes shut down. we'll let you know if they decide to set up a signature asig alert. san francisco a roll over accident being cleared from the
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freeways. second base 101 approaching serious chavez. traffic we'll give you an update on both these trobs in a few minutes. police are still seek two suspects after a weekend freeway shooting in san francisco. two men wounded saturday afternoon when someone opened fire at the 208-101 split. it shut down the interchange for two hours causing major traffic problems. both victims are expected to survive. san francisco police home hope more wynns websites will come forward. honoring those that lost their lives serving our community. >> a procession of bag pipes began the service. dozens of people filing into the cunningham memorial cham. lives of fallen police fire and
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other agent i sis. honored. >> all who died in ser destroys their community were sons and -- a son or daughter to continue the family traditions. to provide grandchildren to comfort in old age. all are gone. >> a large ame outside the chapel. >> a apple watch credited. checked his heart rate. he was rushed to the hospital in the beginning stages of organ failure. he is recovering. turns out he might get a job. >> when i enter i said hello. he said my name is tim cook the ceo of apple. >> cook offered the athlete a new iphone and internship at
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apple next summer. apple next summer. a major shake up for,,,,,,
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it was just an ordinary night. until he showed up-with a hungry look in his eyes. and then, he made the shot. and when jaws dropped ... he had something for that, too. the new spicy nacho chicken sandwich. with two tacos, halfsies, and a drink for 6 bucks. all in a munchie meal.
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good morning. it's monday september 21. >> nearly 5:00 on your monday how about a weather and traffic and last few days of summer we're going out hot. >> we are. at least today. a little bit of relief along the coast at least by this afternoon. plan on it being hot once again today. live look outside. clear skies to start. this is a good indicator of why it's going to be warm.
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70 at 5:00 a.m.. 68 in concord. the cool spot sanity rosa. a look at your weather headlines. probably not going to need a jacket. warm to hot again today for some. i might go as far as saying most. i think we le -- we will get relief along the coast. a spare the air day. some relief on the way. dropping 10 to 15 degrees by tomorrow. more details coming. check of the road ways. hopefully your commute is good. >> two hot spots. we're going to start with the san francisco drive. a circumstances g alert for 101. over turned accident. south 101 beyond 280. if your commute takes you


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